The Whitebeam Shop is an independent online store showcasing statement lifestyle goods, home accessories and jewellery with an emphasis on slow living, design and function.
“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

Inspired by my entrepreneur grandmother, I launched The Whitebeam Shop online store in late 2016. Growing up, I was astonished by the intricate gifts I would receive from my grandmother. Some days it would be a pocket mirror, other days it would be a handwoven handkerchief. As a child, I saw these trinkets as if they were stars in the night. These objects both enchanted and delighted me in their small size as well as design and function. It would be the beginning of my love of discovering such objects as an adult that brought along The Whitebeam Shop.
My aim was to bring the very best lifestyle goods, home accessories and jewellery, all carefully curated with a focus on slow living, design and function, to the public. Each piece is selected based on its usefulness, beautiful construction, and style. I visit, among other places, Japan, Scandinavia, France and Germany, to seek out the highest quality items, thoroughly testing every product.
My ethos embraces tradition; heritage is important to me. Consequently, when you buy from The Whitebeam Shop, you can be assured you’re getting a product that will stand the test of time. At the same time, I have a keen eye on the future; stocking items from innovative, emerging brands.
I strive to be as ethical as possible; choosing to source from sustainable businesses when I can, and prioritise those who use eco-friendly packaging. I support small businesses who specialise in hand-made items, contributing towards healthy local economies.
I hope my curated objects will bring you much joy and delight.
Yours truly,
Founder of The Whitebeam Shop