Whitebeam Holiday Friends Gift Guide

29 November, 2017

Are we really here? It appears so, everyone. It’s that time of year again and the holidays are upon us. The good news is we’ve made it easier for you.

We recommend getting the small gifts out of the way. You know, the ones for friends or coworkers. Perhaps for a neighbor who drops by with a gift. You may also need a little something to bring to a party.

We’ve put together a selection of gifts to suit each situation. Don’t worry we know the rules. These are all inexpensive, stylish, and useful. (Useful being key, because crap gifts are truly the worst!) Here are some goodies we’d personally be thrilled to receive:

concrete planters la guide socks hanselfrombasel


First up are your coworkers. Did your company arrange a gift exchange? Amp up someone’s workspace with good-looking office supplies. The Y Studio brass and copper magnets are a great choice. Ditto for the Blackwing Volumes limited edition gold pencils. We all feel better when our environment is spruced up a bit.

Do you have an office wife or husband? The person who’s always there to listen to you vent and to offer emotional support. Gift them the Cereal Guide to Los Angeles and help them dream of a warm, sunny holiday during the misery that is winter + holiday chaos. The escapism will bring a smile to their face. Perhaps it will even inspire a trip.


blackwing magazines ystudio


Let’s start with your smarty-pants friend. Do you have one? Just joking, we all have a few of them. These folks read voraciously and just seem to know everything. They’ll love something to feed their massive noggins. We compiled a bundle of culture and good writing for them: Paris Review / Happy Reader / Apartamento / Gourmand.

Next is your sweet pal who always schleps across around town to meet up with you. Keep their feet toasty during these wet months with the Rototo low gauge slub socks. They are a small luxury for everyday life.

Now we come to the Studio Noah concrete planters. Studies show indoor plants are good for us and these beauties make a fab addition to any home. An all-around great gift for sure.


fellowstead candle compagnie de provence soap

Host/Hostess Gift

The holiday season comes with a slew of gatherings and parties. Chances are, your hosts already planned the drinks they want to serve. Plus, everyone else will be bringing wine and spirit gifts. Stand out a bit with a special present they can savor for a while.

The Fellowstead orange peel and ginger candle is perfect for this time of year and that scent just makes a room feel so festive. Another great pick is the Marseilles soap. This is gentle, natural, and most importantly, housed in a chic bottle—a gift we’d proudly display next to the sink. Lastly, hosting guests mean lots of cleaning and washing up. We think the Compagnie hand balms make a sweet gift that will certainly come in handy.

We hope this helps you check some items off your list. Next we will share our gift guide for those loved ones near and dear to your hearts. Stay tuned for more!