Gabriela Artigas

31 January, 2018

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Ladies and gentlemen, Valentine’s Day is upon us. This holiday conjures up love and romance, and understandably so. Yet, we think a modern interpretation of this holiday includes love in its numerous forms. A gift of jewellery is thoughtful and personal in nature. It’s an ideal gift for a loved one. It’s also a great gift for yourself and a beautiful act of self-love.

This bring us to Gabriela Artigas Jewellery; an essential line here at the Whitebeam Shop. Sisters, Gabriela and Teresita, founded this cult jewellery company in 2003. Gaby leads the creative vision and Tere holds down fort on the business end. They view the company as a true collaboration and emphasize the symbiotic nature of their roles.

The sisters grew up in Mexico City, and the designs are deeply inspired by their native culture. The Artigas grew up in a creative family. Their brother is a furniture designer and their grandfather was a preeminent modernist architect in Mexico. This architectural influence is evident in the jewellery’s structural shapes and clean lines.

This minimalist line embodies the idea of everyday statement pieces. Gabriela is playful in her design—contrasting smooth pieces with tapered sharp tusks. Somehow, she’s able to inject both individuality and sensibility into her creations.

Gabriela Artigas jewellery is both designed and produced in Los Angeles. They chose to make limited runs of each piece (only about a dozen or so) and believe this continuously pushes their creativity. If their line is any indication, we agree this practice is working well for them.

We’ve enjoyed highlighting Gabriela Artigas and sharing a bit of their background and story. Do check out the beautiful pieces we carry in our shop. A gift so thoughtfully designed and handcrafted truly captures the spirit of love.