Happy New Year from The Whitebeam Shop

13 January, 2018

candle ceramic soap jug mirror jewellery

Hello and happiest New Year! Did you have a wonderful holiday season? We do hope so.

Which brings us to ask, did you also overindulge a bit too much? We certainly did. Well folks, this is the beauty of a brand new year. We welcome this ritual to turn the page and start anew. This is an opportunity to do right by ourselves.

Our first commitment for the new year is to treat our bodies better. This starts with eating well and detoxifying from the decadence of the holidays. We begin by grabbing a Filt bag and heading to the local farmer’s market. Having all sorts of lovely produce on hand encourages us to make nourishing homemade meals at home. Our elegant line of Uzenyaki ceramics inspires us to stick with this practice. These beautiful bowls are ideal for all things healthy: soups, salads, grain bowls. And the mugs are perfect for turmeric, green, and herbal teas.

While we’re at it, remember to drink plenty of water. We tend to forget this simple and beneficial act. Having a pitcher within easy reach reminds us to hydrate throughout the day. Our bodies feel amazing for it and it always makes a big difference on our skin. Since it will be placed near us, we love using the grey Rawaii jug, for it serves double duty in functionality and sleek design.

Our other commitment is to make our lives and environment feel ready and fresh for the year ahead. The Raawii vase is a beauty to keep on the table or desk. A vase of fresh flowers to brightens up any room and keep us going in during this dreary stretch of winter.

For those who want to lure spring in a bit sooner, the tomato basil soy candle by Fellowstead elicits the season up ahead. Alternatively, the clary sage and coriander seed candle is a good one for a new phase. Clary sage is used in aromatherapy for clearing purposes and serves as a relaxant. In addition, it aids balance and sparks creativity.

This is the time to tidy up and evaluate our present and to make plans for the future. Our Ryu Ryu monthly diary keeps us organized and on top of things in 2018. We also use a Nomess cork notebook to jot down new ideas and journal our musings. We like to use the Hightide Penco prime timber mechanical pencils for writing down these thoughts because pencil allows for rewrites and revisions, which is utterly necessary, as we navigate ahead.

These small commitments and rituals can greatly influence our mindset and lifestyle in far reaching ways. We are excited to embark on this new year ahead with all of you. Please reach out and tell us how you’ll be starting your year. Here’s to a great one and happiest 2018, everyone!