09 March, 2017

Ah mums, the first woman we meet in this world. For many, she remains the most influential woman throughout our lives—because of the impression she made on us growing up and because she continues to be a caretaker, role model, and/or friend.

Now let’s be honest, none of our mums technically need anything—particularly practical goods. Their homes are likely well stocked, and if anything, could use a good purging. That said, my mother doesn’t buy the nicest items for herself, because she’s pragmatic and doesn’t spoil herself. I also know she genuinely enjoys when I buy her something more hip or luxurious than she would for herself.

I like to give my mother upgraded versions of objects she uses daily. Or something she didn’t even know existed; which makes her life easier. And of course, thoughtful items to let her know I think about her. I know I’ve done well when she shows them off to her girlfriends. It’s really pretty cute.

We’ve curated some great gifts for the various types of mums out there. What sort of lady is your mother? This holiday includes all the important women who loved us, raised us, and set positive examples for us. Let’s celebrate our mums, grans, aunties, and lifelong maternal figures. Cheers to a great day!

Luxe Gifts for the Pampered Mum

Large and small luxuries to make your mama feel special. Present her with new toiletries, which will delight her and leave her feeling sumptuous. A gorgeously scented candle does wonders for one’s mood. And of course, jewellery is the best. A generous and elegant gift…that you can later borrow.

Cousou de Fil Blanc Soap Set

Konjac Face Sponge Charcoal

Soy Wax Candle

Medium Rising Tusk Pendant

Outdoor gifts for the Mum with Green Thumbs

For the lady who gardens, a handsome planter is always welcome A smart new rain jacket will keep her dry while upping your mum’s style. Lastly, an exfoliating loofah paired with nourishing soaps will clean her up after a satisfying day in the dirt.

Concrete planter

Rain jacket

Natural Loofah Sponge

Cousou de Fil Black Collection

Home Gifts for Luddite Mum

Some people, myself included, enjoy the romance of writing letters and keeping a traditional telephone in the home. It’s nice to not rely on technology and well-designed ordinary goods can elevate our day-to-day experience. I love when beauty and function come together in perfect harmony. While you’re at it, a good-looking paperweight brightens a desktop and reminds her of you every time she glances at it.


Rectangular Notepad

Letter opener

Square Gift Notecards

Monthly Planner

Brass paperweight

Eco Organic Cotton String Bag

Travel Gifts for Adventurous Mum

Mums love Cornwall. Heck, I love Cornwall. What’s not to love about seaside serenity and Cornish cream and ice cream? Trust me, it tastes better when actually consumed there. Give her a suggestion for a weekend trip with a Cornwall travel guide. For longer treks, provide her with some sleek new travel accessories. Particularly the Nomess luggage scale, because we’ve all stood on a scale to weigh ourselves (eek), gotten back on it again with our luggage, and then subtracted the difference to determine how much we actually over-packed. Let’s please put a stop to this nonsense.


Cork Notebook

Luggage scale

Luggage belt

Travel Adaptor