27 April, 2017

The days are longer and the air is warmer. Yes, we know it’s hard to believe, for each winter insists on being more wretched than the last. But there she is, beckoning us from just up ahead. Hello there, summer.


Dear readers, what goodness have you planned for the months ahead? Will you be gallivanting to adventures near and far? Perhaps you’re laying low and taking it easy at home? We hear you. It's wonderful when everyone leaves on holiday and things quiet down around here.

We’ve rounded up a few goodies to help you ease into the season. Summer elicits lightheartedness with our days. We welcome a more carefree and relaxed approach. While we’re at it, let’s be playful as well. It’s good for our souls.

Laying Low

Taking it slow? We salute your staycation selves. Nothing conjures relaxation like a tropical setting. We suggest you recreate the feel of far-flung beaches at home. Scent has a way of transporting us and this coconut candle hits the mark perfectly. We also love these inky blue art cards, which remind us of the sea. Spruce up your home and put this series on the wall with some washi tape. Now, open the window to let in the breeze, prop your feet up and settle in with some good magazines. Good, right?

Try and also spend some time outdoors. Pack a notebook, a few good pens, and head to a grassy knoll. Let your mind wander and jot down any thoughts that come. Doodle as well. This is where tension is released, and just possibly, creativity is born. You’ll find yourself refreshed. Promise.


Out and About

For those going on holiday, we’re here to help you prep. A trip starts with a functional and good-looking bag—clearly, both are important. Don’t forget to pack your toiletries, these bottles allow you to take all the tidbits from your arsenal.

Most importantly, how shall you tie together your holiday outfits? Casual and easy to wear pieces are the ideal accompaniments for your travels. For the gentlemen, may we recommend these Tom Pigeon cufflinks? Mint and copper pair up for a bit of evening fun. Ladies, we’re loving all the Tom Pigeon stud earrings in our shop. They’re elegant without any fuss, which is always the goal in our book.

Cheers to a great summer! Share your holiday photos and tag us. Let us wind down together. xx